And Now, A Word from Our Sponsor……….

Seriously, neighbors I wanted to give you some insight on our business partners who we have selected (through a Request for Qualification process) to perform the analysis of the Duncanville Fieldhouse. The consultants are PROS consulting and Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture. In their own words…..

PROS Consulting, Inc. is very excited about the opportunity to work with the City on the development of a Fieldhouse Business Plan. PROS Consulting, established in 1995, is an established, full-service parks and recreation planning firm that focuses on services to government and not-for-profit agencies. PROS will deliver a Fieldhouse Business Plan that will:
(1) Build a shared vision for programming, space and operational needs of the current Duncanville Field House, as well as its capacity and amenities to carry out programming and services.
(2) Engage the Duncanville community, leadership and stakeholders through innovative public input means to provide direction for programs, activities and amenities, while also analyzing the market for additional recreational opportunities through a gap analysis.
(3) Provide guidance to avoid duplicating services and amenities within the market, as well as maximizing and leveraging taxpayers’ dollars.
(4) Explain the type, size, programs, costs, and user groups within the community to enhance program offerings at the Fieldhouse based on current and future needs.
(5) Provide recommendations on potential revenue sources for the development and operations of the Duncanville Fieldhouse.
We are pleased to have assembled a local, esteemed and award-winning team for this project, which includes the expertise of Barker, Rinker, Seacat and Architecture, a national leader in the strategic planning, master planning, programming and design of community facilities.

Why I support this initiative
This is an analysis that has been long overdue. It is critical to have a thorough, independent evaluation of what we have, what it is capable of, and how as we as a Council can set a framework for managing the Fieldhouse for success. The funding for this initiative is provided for by the Innovation Fund, an accumulated reserve of taxpayer dollars created through the inability of the previous Council. This “can do” Council embraces the challenge of maximizing the Fieldhouse and transforming it to be a vital cog in promoting Duncanville as The Basketball Capital of Texas.


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