Patrick Jay Harvey

 1010 Huntington – Duncanville, TX 75137
(469) 563-8121

I have spent over 30 years as a key advisor to municipalities in both Texas and Louisiana, assisting them in the efficient delivery of effective community services.  I have obtained a deep intimate understanding of how municipal organizations work and why they work, and personally experienced how the quality of community life is improved by the counsel and guidance I have provided.  I am committed to excellence and making a lasting difference in the communities in which I have served.  I have accomplished this through consensus building, communication and sharing my financial expertise.



Council Member at Large, Duncanville Texas

  • Participated in providing direction for the hiring criteria and performance evaluation for the current City Manager of Duncanville, Texas.
  • Worked with fellow council members to establish the annual Council work plan and semi-annual progress reviews by staff concerning the work plan.
  • Led the adoption of a multi-year Water and Sewer rate study, restoring solvency to the Water and Sewer Fund, and fully funding its ongoing Capital Improvement Program.
  • Established a social media presence through the website www.PatrickHarveyforDuncanville.com, in which I routinely communicate with the community on City activities and achievements.
  • Approved funding for new playground equipment at several parks throughout the City and the establishment of the first bike trail on the city streets of Duncanville.
  • Expanded leisure opportunities in Duncanville, which has been a Council priority, through the financial and/or legislative support for (1) DuncanSwitch, a street market held on Main Street every third Saturday, (2) the first Barbeque and Blues festival, a two (2) day celebration of performing artists and a barbecue competition and (3) bringing back the Fourth of July celebration with fireworks.
  • Expanded citizen involvement in City affairs by encouraging the establishment of five (5) new citizen advisory boards: the Senior Advocacy Commission, the Social Engagement Partnership, the Virtual Reality Advisory Board, the Neighborhood Vitality Commission, and the Sports Legacy Commission.
  • Approved funding for the first long range strategic plan for the City of Duncanville, an eighteen month effort involving the firm of Freese and Nichols, stakeholder groups, and a citizen advisory committee to develop a roadmap for the evolution of Duncanville for the next twenty years.

Director of Finance, City of Seagoville, Texas

  • Achieved the GFOA Distinguished Budget Award for the first time in    the history of the City.
  •  Acquired and implemented a paperless billing system for utility billing operations.
  • Acquired and implemented an online payment system for municipal court operations.
  • Oversaw the acquisition and implementation of a wireless security system for City Hall covering utility billing, Council Chambers, and municipal court operations.
  • Supervised the in-house preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
  • Revised the annual financial policies and developed a citywide purchasing policy.
  • Organized a citywide customer service training seminar for city staff.
  • Provided periodic financial forecasts for the City and the Economic Development Corporation.
  • Assisted the Economic Development Corporation with acquiring financing for debt refunding and property acquisition.
  • Organized the City’s annual Council budget workshops, presenting the budgetary overview and financial highlights for all City funds to the Mayor and Council.
  • Worked with department heads to develop program goals and performance measures.
  • Worked with staff to develop work plans for Finance, Utility Billing and Municipal Court
  • Developed a Request For Proposal (RFP) for external auditor selection.
  • Actively participated in the hiring of a bilingual customer service representative.
  • Provided for the supervision of seven (7) people.
  • Developed the first Popular Annual Financial Report for the City of Seagoville FY 2013, receiving the GFOA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting Award.

Director of Finance, City of Glenn Heights, Texas

  • Managed the utility billing operations, purchasing, municipal court, janitorial services and meter reading services of the City.
  • Directed the implementation of the INCODE accounting, utility billing and municipal court software packages.
  • Supervised and directed accounting and financial activities for the City including debt and capital projects, fixed assets, cash management and investments, payroll, accounts payable and receivable.
  • Hired a Utility Billing supervisor, Municipal Court administrator and Accounting Clerk.
  • Monitored City compliance with federal tax regulations for payroll and arbitrage rebate.
  • Responsible for monthly reporting of budget vs. actual results to senior management and City Council.
  • Developed new financial policies and implemented periodic review of existing financial policies for purchasing and investments.
  • Administered contracts for external audit and city depository.
  • Managed external audit process, including preparation and submission of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report to GFOA for excellence in financial reporting recognition.  Developed the City’s first in-house CAFR awarded the GFOA’s distinguished financial reporting award.
  • Coordinated annual budget development initiative for restricted and unrestricted funds.  This process culminated in the compilation of the annual City operating budget (approximately 11.75 million dollars for FY 2010).  Developed the City’s first in house GFOA recognized distinguished budget award document.
  • Developed the City’s first budget in brief document.
  • Presented operating budget highlights to three homeowner associations.
  • Worked with program management and department heads to arrange financing for major capital equipment.
  • Served on interdepartmental task force for computers, copies and telephones. 
  • Provided direct supervision of seven (7) people.

Assistant Director of Finance, City of DeSoto, Texas

  • Presented a series of morale building sessions to my workgroup entitled “five star teamwork.”
  • Restarted City compliance with federal tax regulations for payroll and arbitrage rebate after a two year absence.
  • Made monthly financial report presentations to the Mayor and City Council during City Council meeting.
  • Worked with Public Works management and staff to develop the City’s first capital projects reporting system.
  • Worked with a consultant to select a new city depository contract, resulting in the elimination of bank service charges.
  • Worked with the Council Audit committee in the selection of external auditors.  There were two rotations during my tenure.
  • Managed external audit process, including preparation and submission of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report to GFOA for excellence in financial reporting recognition.  Also coordinate City response to external audit management letter comments.
  • Coordinated annual budget development initiative for 65 unrestricted and restricted funds.  This process culminated in the compilation of the annual City operating budget (approximately 73.5 million dollars for FY 2007).  The budget incorporates the City Council work plan, citywide performance measures, and the five-year capital improvement plan.
  • Responsible for the hiring of two accountants and an accounts payable clerk.
  • Responsible for monthly reporting of citywide capital projects for street improvements, water and drainage facilities, public buildings and parks improvements (approximately 20+ projects in process 20.1 million expended in FY 2005)
  • Participated in “Focus on Desoto Today,” a cable access program, presenting topics of interest to Desoto residents.  My presentations were on budgetary and financial highlights.
  • Provide direct and indirect supervision of twenty (20) people.

Accountant, City of Dallas, Texas

  • Responsible for establishing the billing database for the City of Dallas Storm Water Utility.
  • Assisted in the development of the accounting procedures and management reporting processes for the Storm Water Utility.
  • Reduced the time needed to complete the annual audit by developing interim financial reports and general analysis for Dallas Water Utilities.
  • Managed the City of Dallas Storm Water Utility budget of 17.75 million dollars and approximately 80+ worker years, spread among six city departments.  During my association with the Utility, the entity never over expended its budget.
  • Prepared audit work papers and annual financial reports for Dallas Water Utilities and the Storm Water Utility.
  • Coordinated annual department wide internal control evaluations for Dallas Water Utilities, Storm Water Utility and the Department of Public Works/Transportation.



May 2013 – May 2017

Mayor ProTem – June 2015 – June 2016

Chairman of the Audit Committee for the City Council



City of Seagoville Finance Department, Seagoville, TX
3/11 – Present

City of Glenn Heights Finance Department, Glenn Heights, TX
3/08 – 3/11

City of DeSoto Financial Services, DeSoto, TX
9/99 – 2/08

City of Dallas Department of Public Works/Transportation, Dallas, TX
1/95 – 9/99

City of Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas, TX
1/91 – 12/94



Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of New Orleans

Completed Texas State University Certified Public Manager Program
(Final Paper Pending)



GFOA Excellence in Financial Reporting Award
City of DeSoto 1999 – 2007
City of Glenn Heights 2008 – 2009
City of Seagoville 2010 – 2017

GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
City of Desoto 2000 – 2007
City of Glenn Heights 2009 – 2010
City of Seagoville 2012 – 2018

GFOA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting
City of Seagoville 2013 – 2017

Certified Government Finance Officer
State of Texas



Government Finance Officers Association
Government Finance Officers Association of Texas


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