The Duncanville Fieldhouse Study

The Duncanville Fieldhouse is an ongoing interest in the community. It’s existence has been wrapped in controversy from time to time. The Duncanville City Council has commissioned a study of the Fieldhouse, and I would like to brief you on what has been done so far.

(1) The City Council’s vision for Duncanville: To be the Basketball Capital of Texas
(2) What will be the role of the Fieldhouse in achieving this vision?
(3) Until now, the City has not completed a business plan or established realistic expectations for the Fieldhouse.

The creation of a business plan that is achievable and sets realistic expectations based on real data and thoughtful information centered around five key questions.

(1) What can the Fieldhouse achieve financially based on maximum capacity of the facility?
(2) What resources are required to achieve maximum capacity of the Fieldhouse including staffing, operations, and maintenance/replacement of assets?
(3) Are the answers to the first two questions different if managed in-house vs. private management (outsourced)?
(4) If privately managed, what is the City’s role to insure the Fieldhouse’s success of maximum capacity and protect the Duncanville brand as the Basketball Capital of Texas?
(5) What specific action items are required to execute the business plan with the goal of achieving maximum capacity of the Fieldhouse?

It is my personal goal as your Councilmember to transform the Fieldhouse and enhance its status as a destination in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I look at this study as an opportunity to provide a road map to accomplish this.

Stay tuned.


2 Replies to “The Duncanville Fieldhouse Study”

  1. I hope you will reach out to those of us on the original fieldhouse community work groups who did so much to alreafy answer many of the questions on this list. I am in to help at any time.

  2. Why not consider a MOU with the ISD and it’s multiple gyms and consider the Fieldhouse be transformed into an event/convention center?

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