Duncanville City Council Values

or “What’s In Your City Council Candidate

Duncanville City Council Values


Means we will abide by high moral and ethical principles, which we will not compromise.  We will be consistent, and do the same thing that we would do behind closed doors that we would if all citizens were watching.


Means that we will do what is right all the time and that we will truthfully explain our actions.  It means we will speak the truth and not stray from the truth.  We will not withhold information in order to take advantage of others.


Means we will practice the Golden Rule, treating others with equity and not showing partiality even when it’s inconvenient.  When rules are broken, we will apply just and reasonable penalties.


Means we will hold ourselves accountable to adhere to the expectations of responsible behavior.  We will take responsibility for our actions, and we will admit it when we’ve done something wrong.


Means we will operate in the open without hidden agendas so that citizens can easily see what we have done.  It means that we will keep things from being covered up and that we will do as much as possible on camera so that every citizen can see that we have no secrets.

Service Above Self

Means that we will engage the City’s business with the determination to leave things better than they were.  We are committed to doing what’s best for the citizens, by putting the citizens before ourselves or our own personal or political agendas.


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