On The Proposed Homestead Exemption

I respectfully request the Duncanville City Council postpone consideration of the homestead exemption for the following reasons:

Governor Abbott is committed to and working hard to bring significant tax relief to taxpayers. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House are working together to bring property relief seven times larger than the proposed homestead exemption.

The Duncanville community has a right to know what services will go away because of the homestead exemption or analysis at all on the impact. I have yet to see any explanation or analysis at all on the impact on city services.

The homestead exemption doesn’t cap the tax rate or assessed property valuations. The Governor’s proposal addresses those factors.

Therefore, I ask that the Duncanville City Council allow the Governor an opportunity to provide significant tax relief. Let’s not rush to do what the Governor can do so much better. Let’s wait and reconsider homestead exemption again after this legislative session.


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