2 Replies to “Duncanville Weekly Update Jan 4, 2019”

  1. Thank you Patrick Harvey for staying connected to we the citizens of Duncanville, many of whom I believe would like to see you again represent us as Council-member At Large in the May2019 Election. You have my support.

    Your patient, persistent efforts to regularly update the citizens on City activities and plans is a service that seems to me a natural function of the At Large position complementary to that of the Mayor and City Manager.

    As I’ve told you before, your last 2-terms on the City Council impressed me with your reserved approach to listening, analyzing, *debating* and then expressing your opinions on matters of the moment, and of long range matters that have far reaching impact on our City and especially the well-being and community enjoymnet of our youth, adults and senior citizens. I’m hoping that our next Council will commit to *learning* the value and necessity of civil debate for the best outcomes and for the enlightenment of citizens most of whom want to know the why of fiscal and operational decisions, IMO.

    I wish for you and Mrs. Jackie Harvey the best New Year 2019 you’ve every know!–Dave Galbraith/Citizen & Taxpayer in the City of Champions.

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