Duncanville City Council Agenda 16Sept2018 Item 2 of 4

MEETING: City Council – September 18, 2018

TITLE: Consider a Resolution authorizing purchase #18-110 for a grapple/brush truck from Southwest International Trucks, Inc. through The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative (Buy Board) Contract #521-16 in the expenditure amount of $182,504.18.

BACKGROUND/HISTORY: The Equipment Services Division of the Public Works Department reviews the Fleet Rotation Schedule annually to determine which vehicles have reached their useful life and which vehicles need to be replaced. Factors used in reaching this determination are age, miles/hours, and maintenance requirements. Following this determination, a meeting is held with the various departments and City Manager to discuss the vehicles on the rotation schedule, and a joint decision of vehicle replacement is decided in this meeting and funds are allocated in the next year’s budget.

The unit to be replaced is a 2003 International DT466 chassis with a dump body and Hood 7000 grapple loader that is experiencing hydraulic problems and has reached its useful life. The unit will be auctioned off.

During the FY17-18 budget process, the City Council allocated $175,000.00 toward the replacement of a grapple/brush truck that has reached its useful life. The unit purchased will be a 2019 International HV607 SBA chassis with a dump body and Palfinger Epsilon grapple loader. The unit will be used by Parks Department crews for removing brush and tree branches from City facilities and the Street Department for removing branches that have fallen in the roadway.

POLICY EXPLANATION: This unit is a critical component of the City of Duncanville’s ability to maintain an acceptable level of service to its citizens. The purchase of this unit will reduce maintenance costs, improve safety and reliability, and increase fuel economy. City staff is recommending the purchase of this unit to replace the existing Parks Department unit that is having hydraulic problems and has reached its useful life.The purchasing process includes reviewing vendors with cooperative purchasing agreements, including the Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS – Texas Smartbuy), The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative (Buyboard), the Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governments (HGAC), and the Tarrant County Purchasing Cooperative to attain the best available pricing. Each cooperative purchasing agreement includes competitive bids from multiple vendors from around the state. This results in lower pricing than what a local vendor is typically able to provide. In the past, the City has sought bids from local vendors but has received minimal response with some bids not meeting the required vehicle specifications. After reviewing all agreements, Southwest International Trucks, Inc. was identified as having the best price.

This unit is available through The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative (Buy Board) Contract #521-16. This authorization complies with Texas Local Government Code Section 271.102 and satisfies any state law requiring competitive bids.

FUNDING SOURCE: $175,000.00 is allocated in the Fleet Rotation Fund budget for this expenditure. The purchase amount exceeds the budgeted amount due to increased steel surcharges. The remaining balance will be paid from savings from other fleet purchases in the FY17-18 Fleet Rotation Fund.

COUNCIL ACTION: Approved by Council.  None opposed.


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