Duncanville City Council Actions (1 of 4) 5June2018


TITLE: Conduct a public hearing and consider an ordinance amending the comprehensive zoning ordinance and map, as heretofore amended, by amending the existing “MU-1” Mixed Use 1 District zoning to include a Specific Use Permit for a Pet Daycare and Overnight Boarding Facility (Kennels) on James Anderson Abstract 17 Page 090, Tract 9, approximately 0.378 acres, more commonly known as 1103 S. Main Street in the City of Duncanville, Dallas County, Texas.

On May 14, 2018, a public hearing was conducted before the Planning and Zoning Commission to consider the request of Pamela Norman and Victor Covarrubias, owners, to amend the Mixed Use 1 “MU-1” District Zoning to include a “SU” Specific Use Permit for a Pet Daycare and Overnight Boarding Facility (Kennels) on James Anderson Abstract 17, Tract 9, approximately 0.378 acres, more commonly known as 1103 S. Main Street.

Project Scope
The 0.378-acre site is developed with an existing approximately 896 square foot building. The applicant has already begun renovations on the building to include façade improvements and interior renovations. The property will be used for a retail pet store selling a variety of pet-related items as well as provide grooming services. The retail pet store and grooming services are permitted uses in the Mixed Use 1 “MU-1” District. However, the pet daycare and overnight boarding (kennels) require approval of a Specific Use Permit.
The applicant intends to have approximately thirty (30) kennels in the rear of the building for housing dogs overnight. The rooms containing the kennels will have sound dampening insulation to help mitigate noise. The hours of operation would be from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. The applicant states that the dogs will be boarded indoors and will only be outside between the hours of operation. The kennels are monitored by video surveillance that the applicant can view remotely. The applicant stated they live locally and can respond quickly to any issues that arise overnight.

The applicant intends to have two fenced in areas to separate the dogs by size, with solid wood fences approximately six (6) feet in height. Smaller dogs will be fenced in near the building and the rear yard will be fenced for the larger dogs. The applicant stated the yard would be cleaned daily to prevent unpleasant odors.

In addition to the ongoing building renovations, the applicant will be required to add a concrete parking lot with a minimum of five (5) parking spaces based on a one (1) parking space per 200 square foot requirement. The applicant is proposing some additional landscaping improvements at the front of the property.

Land Use
Duncanville’s Zoning Ordinance requires a Specific Use Permit for uses that under most circumstances would not be compatible but with certain conditions and development restrictions may be allowed. Granting the Specific Use Permit with conditions would allow the proposed use in a manner that aims to ensure compatibility with the surrounding properties. The surrounding area is Mixed Use 1 “MU-1” District along Main Street. Property to the west is zoned Apartment “A” and R-1.4 Single Family District.

Council Action:
Postponed to a future meeting.


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