Moving Forward with the Fieldhouse Business Plan

In the May 3, 2016 Council meeting, the City Council approved the termination of the contract agreement between Jus’ Balls, LLC and the City of Duncanville, Texas.

On July 21, 2015 the City Council received the Fieldhouse Business Plan created by PROS Consulting. Included in the study, the consultant performed a comprehensive review of the Fieldhouse operations and management structure, and made several key recommendations regarding the future management of the facility. PROS Consulting recommended the city terminate the contract with the independent contractor, and employ a full-time facility manager to facilitate the development of stronger working relationships within the city and community.

Staff discussed various management options with City Council at their Annual Retreat held on October 16-17, 2015. Based on the City Council’s general direction at that retreat, staff has proceeded with the recruiting process to hire a general manager for the Fieldhouse. The position was nationally advertised and the City received 48 applications. The applications were reviewed and the top six (6) candidates were invited to participate in a phone interview with the Assistant City Manager, Economic Development Director, and Director of Parks and Recreation. Two (2) finalists were chosen from selected candidates for in-person interviews and tours of the Fieldhouse and the city. Staff is now prepared to move forward with making an offer of employment to the top candidate. Prior to this step in the process, the City Council must first address the current contract with Jus’ Balls to establish a date to conclude its management.

Why I support this initiative

Since 2014, the Duncanville City Council has consistently demonstrated a business-like, professional approach to rebuilding the City’s organization and its image.  Because of our commitment, the City’s status as a preferred place to work for talented municipal professionals has dramatically improved.  The ultimate goal is to make Duncanville a preferred place to live, work and play both now and in the future.  In the history of the Fieldhouse, it’s management has been outsourced or performed by full time employees.  Since my arrival on Council in 2013, I have pushed for an independent comprehensive analysis of the Fieldhouse designed to provide us a way forward to maximize its usefulness.  I have never viewed the facility as a hockey arena or a basketball arena.  I believe it can do more.  I know that personally because I attended a martial arts tournament at the Fieldhouse recently.  It took me several minutes to find a place to park because just about every available inch of ground around the Fieldhouse had a car on it. And the Fieldhouse was filled to capacity with participants and attendees.

Thanks to the efforts of the Brice team, the Duncanville Fieldhouse has improved with basketball tournaments.  In my opinion the Duncanville Fieldhouse needs to diversify its revenue stream by diversifying its program offerings to include athletic and non athletic events as indicated by the Fieldhouse Business Plan.  But before we proceed full steam ahead with implementing the provisions of the Business Plan, we need to have a team in place with demonstrated expertise in managing an athletic facility.  And we need to provide this new team with clear expectations and success measurers to clearly demonstrate to the community that this new way is the best way.

The cost of the Fieldhouse Business Plan was $47,945, and was performed by the nationally  recognized PROS consulting firm.  Their recommendation is to employ a full-time facility manager.  Our expectation is that this new team diversify and expand the program offerings and revenue streams of the Fieldhouse.  This plan will not sit on the shelf collecting dust!  Last night, the City Council began to implement the Plan.



2 Replies to “Moving Forward with the Fieldhouse Business Plan”

  1. Very happy to hear this! The Filedhouse, while looking very busy on some weekends during the year, is grossly underutilized.

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