Duncanville Police Recognized

I just received official written notification that The Duncanville Police Department has achieved “Recognized Status”. The Duncanville Police Department voluntarily participated in the Texas Police Chiefs Association Best Practices Recognition Program to demonstrate law enforcement accountability to the residents of our City and our commitment to excellence in police service. Being “Recognized” means that our agency meets or exceeds all of the identified Best Practices for Texas Law Enforcement. Some of the major benefits of “Recognized Status” are 1) Greater accountability within the agency. 2) Controlled liability insurance cost. 3) Stronger defense against civil lawsuits. 4) Increased community advocacy and 5) Staunch support from government officials. “Recognized Status” does not guarantee that an agency will not make a mistake. It does ensure that the agency has studied critical issues, has developed policies and procedures to address them and has systems in place to identify and correct problems.

I want to thank YOU for your dedication to service. YOU made this possible. Your dedication to service is the reason we achieved this outstanding accomplishment. I want to especially thank Lieutenant Gene Kropff. Gene was assigned as the Project Manager for our agency and the hit the ball completely out of the park.

Thank you again to everyone. It is my privilege and honor to lead and serve this Department.

Robert Brown, Chief – Duncanville Police



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