Recap of Duncanville City Council Meeting – Proclamation recognizing Adrian Mayberry

In 2014 the City of Duncanville acquired a remote controlled ‘robot’, valued at $10,000.00, through the Department of Defense Military Surplus Program and assigned it to the Duncanville SWAT Team. The military surplus equipment received through this program is delivered “as is” and often requires some work or repairs. After several months of work the SWAT Team was able to get the robot to power up but it would not respond to commands from the wireless remote control. Knowing that the Duncanville Police Department has partnered with various programs at Duncanville High School in the past, SWAT Team Leader Sgt. Matt Stogner contacted DHS teacher Eika Johnson and asked if her Robotics Program would want to take a look at the robot and see if they could get it running.

A few months later Ms. Johnson called and advised that the robot was ready to be picked up. On May 15th, 2015 Lt Kropff and Sgt. Stogner attended a demonstration of the robot’s capabilities in Ms. Johnson’s classroom. At that time they met DHS student Adrian Mayberry. Adrian was a Junior at the time and was the student responsible for getting the robot up and running. Adrian took on the project after a few other students attempted it but met with negative results. Adrian spent over 200 hours of his time, outside of normal school hours, to get the robot fully functional.

When deployed, the SWAT Team robot will allow first responders to have an up close look at suspicious packages or known or suspected explosive devices while keeping personnel at a safe distance. Adrian is an exceptional young man (African American) whose commitment and service to his community was instrumental in helping the Duncanville Police Depart SWAT Team expand their resources available for critical incident response and therefore enhance public safety delivery to the citizens.

My Comment:  Can we all get along and work together?  YES WE CAN!  Thank you Adrian, your parents, Duncanville High Robotics and Duncanville Police Department for your example.


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