Thank You

I want to personally thank you for both your vote and support this election season.  I plan to continue my effort to keep you informed and engaged. Thanks for your encouragement along the way.  Please continue to help me by sharing the information you receive from me regarding the City.

Thanks again.  I appreciate your continued support!


8 Replies to “Thank You”

  1. Patrick, you will have our support and prayers. Keep on doing the things that you as an American will do. I know Duncanville will be better off because of your dedication to life and liberty. Don Hutson

  2. I appreciate your “service before self” attitude, Patrick. I’m praying and expecting the new Council will pledge to focus on the issues, not personalities, and will make absolutely sure the citizens have heard each Councilperson’s arguments for and/or against the issues before casting their public vote, whether in the Work Sessions or in Open Sessions. Please encourage your fellow Council Members to take that pledge. Also, I would like to see each Council Member solicit and engage responding citizens to participate with the Council to foster Community consensus on important subjects. I.E., governance should be a two-way street where citizens feel they are on the governance team and a party to the major decisions that the elected Council must make.

  3. Patrick,
    I’m glad your there for another term. Thank you for your time and service. A lot of us will miss the outgoing officers but have big hopes for the new council. I’m hoping for and looking forward to a cohesive council with everyone working together for a better Duncanville.

  4. Congratulations for winning a well-run campaign! Let’s see what we can do to further the interests.of the citizens of Duncanville.

  5. Congratulations and may this term be remarkable in a positive way.
    Keep me posted on new ideas,etc.

  6. Thank you, Patrick, for the splendid service you give to this city. I am honored and proud to be part of the team that helped you and Dennis to victory.
    Congratulations on a clean, honest win.

    1. I second the positive motions above. Let’s try to avoid discussing personalities, except in a positive way when appropriate. Let’s ignore naysayers and stay ahead of the pack with positive, encouraging and significant proposals that should lead to substantial action that everyone can see–75% of the people should give strong support to these actions, IMO.

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