More Duncanville City Council Actions 22Apr2015

The Duncanville City Council approved a resolution authorizing foreclosure proceedings including directing the Sheriff of Dallas County to sell and dispose the properties and, in the event of non-sell at Sheriff Sale, to appoint Dallas County to act as trustee and accept the deed to dispose of the properties commonly known as 1330 Carroll Avenue, 611 Green Hills Road, 514 Summit Ridge Drive, and 610 Woodhaven Boulevard, Duncanville, TX. A tax lawsuit has been filed on the above-referenced properties, a judgment has been entered and the court has authorized the sale of the properties. As of today, the tax obligations on the referenced matter remain unpaid. Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, L.L.P. is prepared to request that an Order of Sale be issued and that these properties be set for an upcoming Dallas County Sheriff’s sale. At a later date, some of these properties may return for City Council review for assignment to our authorized agent Dallas County for resell. The City Council approved a resolution and an Interlocal Agreement with Dallas County at its April 2, 2013 City Council meeting to allow Dallas County to serve as a selling agent in the resell of foreclosed property owned by the City of Duncanville. These properties, if not sold, continue to remain on the tax rolls in the City of Duncanville’s name and possession. The participation in this program is an effort to regain value back to the tax rolls. The sales are in compliance with the Texas Property Tax Code, Chapter 34 requirements or the Texas Local Government Code Chapter 272.
Why I support this initiative:
To get the properties back on the tax roll. There is no cost impact to the City in doing this with exception of advertising and administrative fees ($1,500 per property) being deducted from receipt of eventual sales proceeds.

The Duncanville City Council approved a resolution awarding the annual term bid for traffic signal maintenance and miscellaneous contractual services with Durable Specialties, Inc., in the unit amounts bid with an estimated annual expenditure amount of sixty one thousand two hundred dollars ($61,200). The City of Duncanville has managed annual term bids for traffic signal maintenance services for over a decade. The
Duncanville City Council last approved this agreement at its October 16, 2012 regular meeting. Since then, the annual term bid has been awarded administratively since it has been under the City Council’s purchasing authority threshold of $50,000.
Why I support this initiative:
There are a number of ways to detect vehicles, ranging from hose style detection to advanced video detection to ultrasonic to inductive loop systems. Even though the City of Duncanville has been aggressive in transitioning to state-of the art video detection for traffic signal flow management, there still remains in place a few inductive loop systems. When installing or repairing an inductive loop system the smallest detail can mean the difference between reliable detection and an intermittent detection of vehicles. Therefore, attention to detail when installing, repairing or troubleshooting an inductive loop vehicle detection system is absolutely critical. All state law purchasing requirements for purchases above $50,000, including notice requirements, were complied with for this bid.


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