Duncanville City Council Actions 22Apr2015

(A) The Duncanville City Council approved a resolution exercising the first of two one year renewal options for auto pound and wrecker services with 24 Hour Wrecker Service, Inc. The City of Duncanville has outsourced the management and operation of its auto pound along with wrecker services for over 2 decades. The City of Duncanville’s Auto Pound is located at 223 Woodhaven Boulevard and the property is fully owned by the City. The Duncanville City Council approved a four year bid for the operation of its auto pound along with wrecker services at its February 15, 2011 regular meeting. The bid term was four years and included two one-year renewal options. The original one year term expires April 29, 2015. Staff (including recommendation from Robert D. Brown, Jr., Chief of Police) has been very pleased with the performance of 24 Hour Wrecker Service, Inc. and wishes to execute the first of two one-year renewal options available.
Why I support this initiative:
Satisfactory customer service and the proposed fee is within budget.

(B) The Duncanville City Council approved a resolution awarding the bid for fire alarm improvements to Bacon Equipment Company in the amount of eighty seven thousand three hundred and fourteen dollars ($87,314). During the FY14-15 budget process, the City Council allocated $85,000 toward the upgrade of fire alarm systems throughout the City. This allocation was approved as part of the City’s “newly created” Innovation Fund for FY15 as part of the Fund’s goal to enhance the safety of our facilities and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. This project was also a part of the City Council’s Organizational Workplan FY 2015-2016. This project includes new and improved fire alarm panel systems for Fire Stations 1 and 2, the Municipal Service Center, and the City Hall Computer room. Additionally, the bid includes, at no cost, an alternate bid that would provide smoke/heat detection devices at the Municipal Service Center. The project specifications and design plans requested all wiring, paneling, and devices to support a fully functional fire alarm panel system or systems to support these facilities. After further evaluation, the bid from Bacon Equipment Company, in the amount of $87,314 is considered the lowest responsible bid meeting all requirements. The most complete and lowest bid is from Bacon Equipment Company.
Why I support this initiative:
It accomplishes the following goals and objectives of the FY 2015 City Council Workplan:
Goal 4: Maximize city and community resources to improve quality of life in a sustainable manner.
Objective 4.25: Complete facility improvements identified and approved in the budget including: new ice machines at the service center, water heater at City Hall, flooring at the Library/Recreation Center and Service Center, ADA compliance at all city facilities, heater boxes at City Hall, air conditioning at the Duncanville Fieldhouse, fire alarm systems upgrades at all facilities, and an irrigation system at Central Fire station.


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