City Council News 08April2015 Part II

The Duncanville City Council approved a Resolution approving the terms and
conditions of a Memorandum of Understanding by and among the owners of real property located at 2130 South Main Street, Duncanville, Texas, and the City of Duncanville, Texas, concerning the construction and project management of the Southwest 120/96-inch Water Transmission Pipeline.

The City of Dallas plans to construct a 96-inch water transmission pipeline to transfer treated potable water from the East Side Water Treatment Plant in Sunnyvale, to the Summit Ground Storage Tank in Cedar Hill, to Dallas’s southern service area in order to provide redundancy with the Dallas water distribution system and increase service capacity to meet the growth of current and future customer cities. In order to construct this pipeline, the City of Dallas must make use of existing public right-of-way and procure property rights for portions of the project that cross private properties. The City of Duncanville recognized the impact of the original right-of-way alignment on the property owners and negotiated an alternative design with the mayors, city managers, and staffs of the cities of DeSoto, Cedar Hill and Dallas that allows an alternative alignment.

The City of Duncanville recognizes the impact of the original alignment of the 96-inch City of Dallas water line on the property from east of Main Street along the common city limit line between Duncanville and DeSoto. The City of Duncanville has decided that the original alignment severely impacts the property in Duncanville and has concluded that the alternate alignment to relocate the 96-inch water line from the existing end needs to be moved to the south. The City of Duncanville will make every effort to work with all stakeholders to accommodate this alternative realignment.

The City of Duncanville will advocate and coordinate to the extent possible:
(1) For the property owners’ desire, to address the impact of the removal of the forest and will
work during the design process to buffer the property by berming or reforestation of the
(2) The property owners’ goals to keep as much buffer as possible for noise and visual appearances to their property.
(3) The minimization of the right-of-way taking as much as possible.
(4) Keeping existing drainage paths as much as possible.
(5) Negotiating the right-of-way transfers and reliable ROW staking as soon as possible in order to be able to complete the items on the property prior to the construction of the Projects.
(6) The desire of the property owners to be reimbursed for the property and damages required to keep their property as whole as possible.
(7) The City understands the property owners’ desires for security along the south and west property lines during the construction of the water line and roadway.

Why I support the agreement:
(1) It allows the City of Dallas to install infrastructure to provide water to the area for the next 50 years.
(2) It allows Dallas County to re-align Wintergreen Road
(3) Councilmember Dotson agreed to a written understanding with the City and expressed support for it after the vote was taken.


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