City Council News 08April2015 Part I

The Duncanville City Council approved the purchase and installation of a shade canopy structure for Armstrong Park Amphitheater in the amount of one hundred twenty four thousand two hundred eighty four dollars and forty six cents ($124,284.46).

Why I support this project:
The shade structure for the amphitheater will bring added value to the City’s signature park and will provide immediate benefits with the City’s July 4th celebration and summer concert series as completion is expected in late June. The Park Board reviewed the proposed structure and approved the conceptual drawings. In addition, this project is outlined in the City’s FY 2015 Work Plan.

During the FY14-15 budget process, the City Council allocated $135,000 toward the purchase and turnkey installation of a cover for the Armstrong Park Amphitheater. This allocation was approved as part of the City’s “newly created” Innovation Fund for FY15 as part of the Fund’s goal to enhance the safety of our facilities and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

There is no overspending, just smart spending for community improvement.


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