Duncanville City Council Report 18Mar2015 (Part II)

During the March 18, 2015 meeting, City Council approved the procurement and installation of a restroom facility at Red Bird Park with CXT, Incorporated in the amount of $70,162.95.

Why I supported this initiative:
During the development of the current year budget, the City Council allocated $125,000 towards the purchase and installation of a restroom at Red Bird Park. The resources for this project came from the “Innovation Fund”, a fund created by the transfer of extra fund balance from the General Fund (tax resources the community provided in previous years). The goal of this spending is to enhance the community’s quality of life through enhancing the safety of city facilities and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of city services to you. The Park Board and City Council identified the need for a restroom at Red Bird Park based on the extensive usage of the playground and walking trail, along with numerous requests from citizens. Additionally, the City will construct an oversized sidewalk to the restroom, extend sewer and water services to the facility and ONCOR will provide electrical services. These additional expenditures are estimated at $25,000 (total project cost $95,162.95)

Savings from this project will be reallocated to the Hill City bike lane project connecting Red Bird Park to Lakeside Park.

Safety features will be installed to protect the park patrons and the City’s investment.


One Reply to “Duncanville City Council Report 18Mar2015 (Part II)”

  1. Thank you Councilman. This is a giant step for our Red Bird Park. This restroom area will also house a SEGWAY for our patrolling police woman who covers all our parks. And it marks the start of infrastructure improvements to our parks that will enhance property values as well as quality of life here.

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