Duncanville City Council Report 18March2015 (Part I)

During the March 17, 2015 City Council meeting, Council approved a resolution awarding a bid of $643,079 to Muniz Construction for the water and wastewater improvements on Lodema Lane from Hill City Drive to North Duncanville Road. The City has a Capital Improvement Program for the purpose of identifying, planning and funding major improvements. Depending on the type of infrastructure (i.e., alleys, drainage, solid waste, water or sewer utilities), separate funding categories have been set up with separate revenue sources for each that are typically collected with the water bill.

Why I support this initiative
1. It helps to accomplish Goal 4 of the Current Year City Council Work Plan: Maximize City and Community resources to improve quality of life in a sustainable manner. This is an essential part of the Council vision of the future Duncanville having the best housing values in America.
2. This project was planned and included in the current year budget at $865,250

Here are the financial highlights of the City’s General Fund through January 2015. Please note that four months represents 33% of the fiscal year.

YTD Budget YTD Actual %Budget %Actual Variance
Revenues $8,876,980 $11,788,269 33.33% 44.26% 10.93%
Expenditures $8,834,242 $ 9,681,745 33.33% 36.53% (3.20%)

Explanation: General Fund revenue is better than expected at this point of the year. Expenditures are above expectations, due to the City’s financial assistance to EON Reality for the establishment of their North Texas training facility in the City.


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