Duncanville City Council Actions

Recently, the Duncanville City Council approved the annual procurement of security guard services with Blue Shield Security Protection, Inc. with an annual expenditure amount of $65,500 for the Library and the Fieldhouse.

Why I support this initiative:
The Duncanville Public Library began utilizing armed and uniform security guard services in the spring of 2011. In November 2012, the Library expanded its security guard coverage by providing late evening and afternoon coverage during the week and weekends. Due to being over the authorized administrative threshold of $25,000 at the time, the City Council approved the annual procurement of security guard services at the Duncanville Fieldhouse at its March 19, 2013 meeting. Staff will manage the schedule to assure sufficient protection is available at all times. The annual expenditure amount of $65,500 is within the approved budget amount for this expenditure.

Additionally, the City Council approved a resolution for the application for and the receipt of a FY 2016 grant from the Texas Governor Criminal Office Division to fund the purchase and installation of a digital fingerprint live scan station for the Duncanville Police Department. This technology will replace the current method of relying on card and ink fingerprints when processing offenders into the holding facility.

Why I support this initiative
The Duncanville Police Department is the only law enforcement agency in Dallas County that does not have this technology. The equipment has a life expectancy of 10 years, and it will greatly improve efficiency, reduce the opportunities for errors and omissions and increase effectiveness in using fingerprint technology to identify and capture offenders.


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