City of Duncanville Bike Demonstration Project

Here are some details about the upcoming bike demonstration project:
Where will it be located:
Hill City Drive from Lakeside Park to Red Bird Park both northbound and southbound

Why this location
Provides a link between two or more neighborhoods with parks
Utilizes an oversized street to provide a high comfort level for motorists and cyclists
Utilizes an area where shared bicycle lanes can be installed with minimal stress to cyclists
Provides a bike trail length of appropriate size (2.6 miles roundtrip)

Project installation and estimated costs
29 signs
8 lane markers
2,700 linear feet (lf) of lane markings
estimated cost to install: $18,000
estimated sign maintenance (every 10 years): $3,300
estimated lane marking maintenance (every 5 years): $7,000

Anticipated completion date
Mid April 2015

Next Steps
Immediate: Bike Safety education program, addition of bike racks
Near Future: Development of City wide bicycle plan, begin branching out from Hill City path to other neighborhoods, parks and places of interest.


2 Replies to “City of Duncanville Bike Demonstration Project”

  1. I love to hear this, I think becoming bicycle friendly is a great way to add charm to our small town. Besides, we have a large community of avid cyclists in this area and if we can attract them we should. This is a great start.

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