03Feb2015 Duncanville City Council Actions II

The Duncanville City Council approved the acquisition and installation of an operating system for a water well and pump with Irrigators Supply, Inc. through the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative in the amount of $55,607.
Why I support this purchase:
Local Government Code Section 271.102 allows cities to participate in cooperative purchasing programs with other local governments, satisfying state law requiring competitive bids. During the FY 2015 budget development process, City Council allocated $60,000 from the newly created “Innovation Fund” toward the purchase and turnkey installation of a variable frequency drive control at the Waterview Park pump house. The water well and pumping system at Waterview Park was installed in 2008 to provide an alternative water source for the irrigation system at Harrington Park. The system saves the City approximately $90,000 annually to water the largest irrigated pump in Duncanville. The problem is that without a variable speed pump to slowly ramp up the pressure on the irrigation system, the high water pressure causes blow outs and damage, and forcing the irrigation crew to spend a large amount of time keeping the system intact and operating. An additional benefit is that the variable speed pump will prolong the life of the pump motors, saving the City money through longer lasting equipment.

More to come (Your Council has been busy)………


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