6 Replies to “A Tale of Two Cities (and the Publications that serve them)”

  1. Councilman Harvey, thanks for the excellent, very simple summation of the Suburban demonstration of its anti-Duncanville bias. I hope this newspaper can become a little more objective by consistently reporting diverse opinions from citizens, not just opinions the newspaper agrees with.

  2. Councilman Harvey, I think that if the majority of the people of Duncanville thought “The Suburban” had any substance ALL the candidates it supported would be in office now. Its not worth my time to pick it up let alone read it. If you keep barking up the same tree you get about as much response as they do.

    1. Leon, I agree with your point about the useless commentary of the Suburban editors and some of its letters-to-the editor, but for my part I read the paper most of the time because I sincerely want to see what the political biases are in Duncanville, to sift the chaff from the wheat, and thereby find a way to counter their arguments…or propaganda.

  3. Thank you Mr. Harvey for all the work you do for the good of the city of Duncanville and its citizens . My wife and I are 80 years young. I can’t walk as good as my wife, but she walks every day. Some days she comes home with a bag of papers to put in the recycle bin. These papers look like the one you used in your comments about Duncanville. I think if every one would clean up these papers off the streets and sidewalks of Duncanville we would have a cleaner city. Thank you again for all your work. Don Hutson

  4. Always enjoy your “talks”. We have no other publication in our city. How can that be remedied ?? Most citizens haven’t a clue as to what is happening in our fine city.
    thank you for your fine comments.

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