On Leadership in Duncanville-Special Edition: My Response to the Surburban Newspaper Lie

“I believe in integrity. Dogs have it. Humans are sometimes lacking it.”
― Cesar Millan

Fresh From the Local Propaganda Tabloid, Published by the Crescent Realty Group(Suburban)
“Patrick Harvey in a recent ethics complaint accused Mayor Deborah Hodge of sexually harassing him”.

Here is my response:
During the 2008 Presidential election campaign between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain, the cameras of CNN (Cable News Network) captured an extraordinary conversation at a McClain for President campaign rally. A woman stood up to speak at the rally, and said the following: “I do not trust Barack Obama. I’ve been reading about him. He is an Arab”…
Sen. McCain tactfully pulled the microphone away from his supporter and responded: “Ma’am, I disagree…he is not an Arab. He is a decent, hard working man.” The point that the Senator was making was that just because something is written does not make it true. It took great courage and integrity for Sen. McCain to say that at his own campaign rally.
Integrity has been a frequently discussed word in Duncanville the past few weeks: who has it and who does not. In the Duncanville City Council meeting last night, I demonstrated my integrity by offering to resign if it were proven that I accused the Mayor of sexual harassment in an ethics complaint. I stated that I believed that the Mayor is not capable of sexually harassing anyone, and I invited her to join with me in publicly denouncing this terrible lie.

The Mayor did not take advantage of the opportunity presented to her.


Think about it.


2 Replies to “On Leadership in Duncanville-Special Edition: My Response to the Surburban Newspaper Lie”

  1. Patrick Harvey gave mayor Hodge the opportunity to deny the Suburban story that she sexually harassed him. A decent man gave the mayor a chance to comment on his assertion that she was not guilty. She chose not to comment. The question is why? The answer is simple. To agree with his statement she would have had to dispute a story in the “Rag” owned by her long time and very untruthful friend Ann Huebner. To have done so would have cast doubts on the many other untruthful stories in the “Rag.” Hodge could not bring herself to do that!

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