On Leadership in Duncanville (A Continuing Series) May 1

“A true Leader does not point fingers
A true Leader does not assign blame……
A true Leader Leads.”
― Mark W. Boyer

From the Mayor Hodge website:
“My first year in office, we settled 5 lawsuits that I inherited when taking office…In one of these cases, Paul Ford vs The City of Duncanville, my opponent cost you thousands of dollars by being held responsible for the unlawful actions taken against Councilman Ford.”

“While my opponents extol the benefits of, and promise you, an Economic Development Director, there is no money available from the DCEDC to pay for one.”

“the majority on the Council….approved a settlement agreement with Monte Anderson that will end up costing you well over one million dollars in cash, assets and future benefits.”

In Paul Ford’s deposition, he states that the Hodge family loaned him $5,000 to retain an attorney after his incident with the City. Now as Mayor, Deborah Hodge and the former Council approved a settlement with Paul Ford. But Mrs. Hodge places the blame for the settlement on her opponent.

Mayor Hodge voted to sue Monte Anderson and paid legal and forensic audit fees from the DCEDC. That’s why there’s no money there.

Choices have consequences. Mayor Hodge voted for the lawsuit and the consequences cost the taxpayers as she said in her own words. The bottom line is – no suit, no settlement.

Mayor Hodge, you can’t have it both ways! You are not the victim, the taxpayers have been victimized because you choose badly.

Duncanville Voters: The choice is yours. Vote for a “victim” or vote for leadership.

Go Vote!


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