On Leadership in Duncanville (A Continuing Series) April 29

“A great leader listens to other people’s suggestions and opinions but a dogmatic leader dismisses them and sticks to his/her own decision.”
Euginia Herlihy

As I See Duncanville: By Mayor Deborah Hodge

I see Duncanville as “us against them”.

Duncanville has no need to cooperate with the surrounding cities, we can do just fine on our own.

Duncanville is full of opportunity for anyone associated with the Crescent Realty Group.

I demand that other Councilmembers do exactly want I want, when I want it.  If not, I will vote against it.

I am not interested in cooperation or building relationships, especially with those who I know do not agree with me.

If the Council disagrees with me, they can sue me if they like.  I’ve got taxpayer dollars to defend me.

I support candidates who I know will be blindly loyal to me.

I am always right.

DUNCANVILLE VOTER:  Is this how you see Duncanville?

Now is the time for change.

Think about it.

Then Act!


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