On Leadership in Duncanville (A Continuing Series)

“Great leadership involves three things. The ability to realize when you are wrong, a willingness to learn from it, and an eagerness to change course if necessary.”
― Jeffrey Fry

The following question was recently asked to Mayor Deborah Hodge: “Why is there so much negativity in the news about the Duncanville City Council and what can be done to fix it?”
Here is her answer:
“Much of the negativity is occurring because a certain group of people, with special interests, want to have total control and are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. They also act like they are above the law when it comes to following our Charter and State Statues”.


The Council has invited the firm of Locke, Lord to verify that the behavior of the Council over the past two years is consistent with the Duncanville City Charter.

Mayor Deborah Hodge voted against this effort.

Why would she not take advantage of the opportunity to prove true what she claims….(1) her own integrity and (2) expose the actions of “the certain group of people (who) act like they are above the law when it comes to following our charter”?

DUNCANVILLE VOTER: Maybe Mrs. Hodge doesn’t want you to know the truth.

Think about it.


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