On Leadership in Duncanville (A Continuing Series)

“A surrendered heart leads to greatness. A stubborn heart leads to struggle.”
― Todd Stocker

The following question was recently asked to Mayor Deborah Hodge: “Why is there so much negativity in the news about the Duncanville City Council and what can be done to fix it?”
Here is her answer:
“Much of the negativity is occurring because a certain group of people, with special interests, want to have total control and are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. They also act like they are above the law when it comes to following our Charter and State Statues”.

The question I’d like to ask is: How does Mrs. Hodge view the results of the May 2013 election?

Here’s what happened: The two incumbents that faithfully supported her direction was both defeated with over 60% of the vote in both races. I personally ran on a platform for change and was elected over 2 previous city councilmembers, winning a clear majority of the vote in a 4 person race.

So how is the change called for by the community in 2013 working out for the Mayor? Look at her answer above….that’s why there is gridlock and negativity on the City Council.

Change is the enemy and is being treated as such (by her).

“When you don’t see nothing wrong in anything you do, then you are doing everything wrong.”
― Richmond Akhigbe

Think about it.


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