On Leadership in Duncanville (A Continuing Series)

“All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting. If we want different results, we must change the way we do things.”
― Tom Northup

May 2013 ushered in a season of change within the Duncanville City Council. Some of the result of that change are

1. The settlement of an unneeded, community dividing lawsuit against a local businessman
2. Hiring competent legal representation to protect the community’s interest
3. Hiring an interim city manager to change the culture in City Hall
4. Approving a summer feeding program for the youth
5. Providing resources to perform an analysis of the City Council to determine how well we measure up to the City Charter’s expectations.

There is so much more that can and should be done. Unfortunately, the changes that have taken place have been made in the face of determined and unrelenting opposition. Many of our friends and neighbors have expressed concern about gridlock. I would say that as of now, our City government is perfectly designed to achieve some hard earned change in the face of gridlock.

If you, DUNCANVILLE VOTER want to continue to see different results and a different direction from the past two years, we need to change the way we do things….and who we choose to do them for us.

In May 2014, continue the change you started in May 2013. Change is good.

Think about it.


5 Replies to “On Leadership in Duncanville (A Continuing Series)”

  1. Thank you, Patrick, for your continuing efforts to bring good government back to Duncanville. I hope our voters wake up and elect you some qualified members who can help accomplish that laudable goal.

  2. Mr. Harvey,
    Best of luck with the upcoming elections. Unfortunately I am not a citizen (nor an employee now) of the city. The change in leadership is very much needed as the current group has pretty much run off all of your seasoned and very knowledgeable employees.. And it appears more are leaving…. If the citizenry of Duncanville truly care about the city then they better make some immediate changes at the top. As I found, the grass may not necessarily be greener in other lands but the stinch is much more bearable! Had the staff been treated as an asset many would not have searched for those greener pastures. Good luck to Duncanville, I will continue to pray for an expedient recovery.

  3. CHANGE. That’s a fascinating word. Some change we don’t want, some change we do want. Lord, give us statesmen and women who can objectively communicate…effectively–EFFECTIVELY, now there’s another fascinating word. The point I’m making is that we start with a STATEMENT of the things we agree are most important to Duncanville, then we PLAN for the CHANGES necessary to reach the outcomes the Citizens desire. We will have communicated EFFECTIVELY if we end up with the desired outcomes. WOW, we’ve got a lot of effective communications to do for Duncanville to be the envy of the Best Southwest.

  4. We are residents of Duncanville for 36 years. I never felt any need to get involved in the city’s politics until after the 2012 election as I watched the decline, then the stopping of what had been the steady progress over the several years prior. The answer is a change back to experienced people such as David Green for our Mayor and Grady Smithy for District 4 who will serve based on what is good for Duncanville, not some personal agenda or vendetta. The 2013 election brought us three good men who are men with integrity, experience and knowledge. What a team they will make for our fair city!

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