7 Replies to “Decorum at City Hall Council Meetings”

  1. Right on, Mr. Harvey. I value your concern over the conduct and the direction our Council is taking. Please know you have my support and I will contact all those that I know who might be confused and turned off by this unprofessional behavior, urging them also to express their support. You are doing just exactly what we elected you to do. Fight on!

    1. I’m with Julia on her response to Mr. Harvey’s video comments about Council decorum and ineffective leadership. Lead on, Mr. Harvey!

  2. Such great awe inspiring words!!! You seem to only care about the Duncanville charter when it serves your agenda not what is best for us as citizens of Duncanville

    1. Everyone should care about the charter which are the rules the Council abides by, and hopefully Mr. Dotson, you can get up to speed and grow a bit with reality and not be played as a pawn of ignorance. Open your eyes and Patrick Harvey is serving for the best interests of Duncanville citizens! Thank you Mr. Harvey for being a true representative of the people.

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