6 Replies to “There Is No Joy In Mudville — Mighty Casey Has Struck Out”

  1. I must really give you credit for your amazing ability to take small truths and make them sound like complete truths. Over and over again you stress that this project is not going to cost Duncanville anything. That is absolutely absurd and you are really ignorant and obviously have not served on any financial committees on large construction projects. I am a CFO for a medium sized company and worked in that capacity several years for a different company and projects like this always have changes and many other things that were not considered in the original plans. In fact, there are not even final plans yet, still you have voted to invoke eminent domain, without even knowing the true consequences to the property owner. Do you really think the county of Dallas is going to absorb all these changes?? If so, that is plain ignorance.

    We all know there is nothing that comes free in life, and this project is no different. I am not sure how you will hide and move dollars, but I am smart enough as a Duncanville taxpayer to know it will not be free. In fact, I am confident that this project will cost the city of Duncanville far greater than a mere $8 thousand dollars.

    I believe the reason that you do not want the public vote, has nothing to do with the cost, but the reality that if it the subject of invading and taking one’s property is brought before the voters of Duncanville, you know your little pet project will lose!!!!

    Why are you so afraid to let the people vote? If you are so convinced this is a good thing for Duncanville, you should be standing up with confidence and saying, we agree, “let the citizens decide”. Not really expecting to hear that though from you.

    One day the truth will all come out as to why you and Cooks are so motivated to make this happen, and I am sure John Wiley Price’s wallet will have something to do it with it as well.

    1. Here we go again!
      I stress the project will not cost anything, because I (unlike you) have done my homework and I know that Dallas County operates on a pay as you go system for this type of project. The County already has sufficient funds to do this project, and hopefully the attempts to drive up the cost of this project by the greedy will not prevail. Although I do not share your belief that you all are not the center of the universe, I am not personally motivated by this project other than the fact that it properly aligns the roadway, making it easier for motorists to travel. I will not be keeping the books of the project, so your assertion that “I will hide and move dollars” indicates your of Duncanville city finance and this project in particular. It is the county’s project and they will account for it. I didn’t vote to invoke eminent domain, I voted for the Wintergreen Road project. If eminent domain occurs, it will occur because the property owner will not be satisfied with the county’s offer on the project. Which is strange considering the fact that you have a family member out there getting people to sign petitions due to the fact that the county has changed from the original proposal of the road being 120 feet from the front door (which he says was ok with the property owner) to 20 feet from the front door. I’m not making this up, I’ve listened to the audio tape!
      “I believe the reason that you do not want the public vote, has nothing to do with the cost, but the reality that if the subject of invading and taking one’s property is brought before the voters of Duncanville, you know your little pet project will lose!!!”
      1. When I campaigned, my platform included support of the Wintergreen Road project. I was elected. I am not going back on my promise I made to the community. I do not support a public vote…unlike your supporters, my vote for a public referendum would not be true to the platform that I ran on. (Unlike your supporters and your Wintergreen neighbor, I prefer telling the truth as a matter of practice)
      2. “The invading and taking one’s property” sounds like a war of some sort. If my memory serves me correctly, the last time that happened in Texas was at the Alamo. I didn’t vote for a war, I voted for the Wintergreen Road project.
      3. If the people vote, I wouldn’t be so confident that the vote will go as you think. Your side has obtained signatures through deceptive statements and questionable tactics (using the Post Office and retail operations without permission). In the weeks to come, people will have an opportunity to hear how you literally stopped at nothing to get a vote to occur. So in your case, it appears as if the end justifies the means.
      4. The truth has already come out as to why I support the Wintergreen Road project. I support it because it does the greatest good for the largest number of people. I don’t care if you believe it or not, that’s your choice.

    2. Mr. Dotson:

      This whole thing has gotten so far out of the realm of reason that no one is really speaking to one another about this problem at all.

      The core issue is how to do the road project in a way to enhance the appearance and value of your brothers estate. This is the province of our elected officials.

      Patrick Harvey, Mark Cooks, Stan Smith and Cliff Boyd are the men who could work with your brother and the county to make this situation excellent for him while fulfilling the city’s obligation to Dallas County, Cedar Hill and Desoto.

      The people you are speaking with are devious and are using your brother’s circumstance to frighten the voters about eminent domain. They are creating this climate of fear to distract from their terrible track record and to try to win their re-election in May of 2014.They care nothing about your brother and when they are done with him they will cast him aside as they have many others in the past.

      It’s not too late for you brother to seek reasonable and knowledgeable counsel from people who would be more than willing to assist.

      It appears that your family is solidly together in wanting to assist your brother in this but have set a course without getting all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

      Please take a day, call your representatives, speak to them candidly about the issues and I feel confident that a good resolution can be reached.

      Isn’t it at least worth a try?

  2. “CHAT WITH PAT”. I love it.
    After listening to this report the first thing that came to mind was a posting Mayor Hodges posted on the internet in January 2011 where she bashed Mayor Green her opponent for violating The Code of Ordinances. I guess now that she is Mayor these codes don’t apply to her.

    http://www.hodgeformayor.com/uploads/1/1/1/7/11178661/_nonpartisan_council.pdf Note: she has a couple items high lighted in yellow.

    It appears to me Mayor Hodges has not only violated the same codes she bashed Mayor Green for but she has gone a step further. She is out door knocking for Dr. Dotson , trying to get signatures in opposition to what the council voted for. A direct violation of Sec. 2-54 Standards of Conduct.
    Paragraph a. above.
    If Mayor Hodges is not going to do her job, she should step down and let the New Mayor Pro Tem Mark Cooks do it for her.

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