7 Replies to “Information For The Citizens Of Duncanville”

    1. Patrick Harvey is self serving and is not talking the truth. The entire video is about telling the truth, maybe he should practice what he is preaching!! This entire project is about who is paying who, not about safety. There is no economic value for Duncanville to be a part of this project, only someone’s pockets getting lined from some some construction company or someone stands to gain some serious bump in their political career. Once again I state, I am sure if this road was going through Patrick Harvey’s home he would not be for this project!!!

      1. Amazing how little you know about me, yet you assume so much. First of all, I am who I am and not what I have. My self esteem is not wrapped up in my possessions or where I live, it is my inner character and the values I have that make me unique. If the road was going on my property (and now through my home as you allege), I would relish the opportunity to receive multiple times more than I invested in the property….similar to your neighbor on Wintergreen. The one who is trying to gain some serious bump in their political career is your neighbor. Your neighbor only has two cards to play “eminent domain” and the “MARA lawsuit”. Take those away, and what has your neighbor and supporting cast accomplished for Duncanville? NOTHING! One man’s “someone’s pockets getting lined from some some (your quote) construction company is the next man’s “job providing food on the table” working for the construction company. You will all figure it out eventually…..I AM NOT A POLITICIAN!!!! I find it amusing that these attacks assume that being a city councilman is the biggest and best thing I’ve ever done….similar to a minority of current Duncanville city councilmembers. Friends, I here to solve problems….and once the problems are solved, I’ll term limit myself. Until then I am destined to stay until that happens.

      2. Dear Mr. Dotson: I understand that your emotions are running high right now but please simmer down a little and try to think this through logically before making unfounded claims that will do nothing to help your cause. Everyone is on you side here, especially Mr. Harvey. Working through things like this together is what Duncanville is all about. You should give him a call, make a new friend and get something accomplished. Happy 4th!

  1. Randy,

    Why do you insist on telling this lie? THE ROAD IS NOT GOING THRU THE HOUSE!! Talk about self serving. And another thing, your brother is a doctor and evertyime he opens his mouth, a sum of money comes out. “I pay this in taxes, I invested a million dollars, They will have to buy all my land,” and then put out a tip jar at the parade. Sure this isn’t about money.

    How about telling the truth when you speak? The land needed is less than a half acre and does not affect the house.

    If your so sure that this is about a construction bid or someone lining their pockets, then give us the proof, but you won’t be able to. You’re having a hard enough time getting the facts straight.

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