And Now, A Word from Our Sponsor……….

Seriously, neighbors I wanted to give you some insight on our business partners who we have selected (through a Request for Qualification process) to perform the analysis of the Duncanville Fieldhouse. The consultants are PROS consulting and Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture. In their own words…..

PROS Consulting, Inc. is very excited about the opportunity to work with the City on the development of a Fieldhouse Business Plan. PROS Consulting, established in 1995, is an established, full-service parks and recreation planning firm that focuses on services to government and not-for-profit agencies. PROS will deliver a Fieldhouse Business Plan that will:
(1) Build a shared vision for programming, space and operational needs of the current Duncanville Field House, as well as its capacity and amenities to carry out programming and services.
(2) Engage the Duncanville community, leadership and stakeholders through innovative public input means to provide direction for programs, activities and amenities, while also analyzing the market for additional recreational opportunities through a gap analysis.
(3) Provide guidance to avoid duplicating services and amenities within the market, as well as maximizing and leveraging taxpayers’ dollars.
(4) Explain the type, size, programs, costs, and user groups within the community to enhance program offerings at the Fieldhouse based on current and future needs.
(5) Provide recommendations on potential revenue sources for the development and operations of the Duncanville Fieldhouse.
We are pleased to have assembled a local, esteemed and award-winning team for this project, which includes the expertise of Barker, Rinker, Seacat and Architecture, a national leader in the strategic planning, master planning, programming and design of community facilities.

Why I support this initiative
This is an analysis that has been long overdue. It is critical to have a thorough, independent evaluation of what we have, what it is capable of, and how as we as a Council can set a framework for managing the Fieldhouse for success. The funding for this initiative is provided for by the Innovation Fund, an accumulated reserve of taxpayer dollars created through the inability of the previous Council. This “can do” Council embraces the challenge of maximizing the Fieldhouse and transforming it to be a vital cog in promoting Duncanville as The Basketball Capital of Texas.

The Duncanville Fieldhouse Study

The Duncanville Fieldhouse is an ongoing interest in the community. It’s existence has been wrapped in controversy from time to time. The Duncanville City Council has commissioned a study of the Fieldhouse, and I would like to brief you on what has been done so far.

(1) The City Council’s vision for Duncanville: To be the Basketball Capital of Texas
(2) What will be the role of the Fieldhouse in achieving this vision?
(3) Until now, the City has not completed a business plan or established realistic expectations for the Fieldhouse.

The creation of a business plan that is achievable and sets realistic expectations based on real data and thoughtful information centered around five key questions.

(1) What can the Fieldhouse achieve financially based on maximum capacity of the facility?
(2) What resources are required to achieve maximum capacity of the Fieldhouse including staffing, operations, and maintenance/replacement of assets?
(3) Are the answers to the first two questions different if managed in-house vs. private management (outsourced)?
(4) If privately managed, what is the City’s role to insure the Fieldhouse’s success of maximum capacity and protect the Duncanville brand as the Basketball Capital of Texas?
(5) What specific action items are required to execute the business plan with the goal of achieving maximum capacity of the Fieldhouse?

It is my personal goal as your Councilmember to transform the Fieldhouse and enhance its status as a destination in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I look at this study as an opportunity to provide a road map to accomplish this.

Stay tuned.

Duncanville City Council Actions

Recently, the Duncanville City Council approved the annual procurement of security guard services with Blue Shield Security Protection, Inc. with an annual expenditure amount of $65,500 for the Library and the Fieldhouse.

Why I support this initiative:
The Duncanville Public Library began utilizing armed and uniform security guard services in the spring of 2011. In November 2012, the Library expanded its security guard coverage by providing late evening and afternoon coverage during the week and weekends. Due to being over the authorized administrative threshold of $25,000 at the time, the City Council approved the annual procurement of security guard services at the Duncanville Fieldhouse at its March 19, 2013 meeting. Staff will manage the schedule to assure sufficient protection is available at all times. The annual expenditure amount of $65,500 is within the approved budget amount for this expenditure.

Additionally, the City Council approved a resolution for the application for and the receipt of a FY 2016 grant from the Texas Governor Criminal Office Division to fund the purchase and installation of a digital fingerprint live scan station for the Duncanville Police Department. This technology will replace the current method of relying on card and ink fingerprints when processing offenders into the holding facility.

Why I support this initiative
The Duncanville Police Department is the only law enforcement agency in Dallas County that does not have this technology. The equipment has a life expectancy of 10 years, and it will greatly improve efficiency, reduce the opportunities for errors and omissions and increase effectiveness in using fingerprint technology to identify and capture offenders.

Code Enforcement Presentation 17Feb2015

During the recent Duncanville City Council meeting, Council received a presentation from Code Enforcement staff. It began by asking the question: Who are we? Answer: The City of Duncanville Code Enforcement team strives for and is committed to achieving the best voluntary code compliance while providing exceptional customer service. The City Code Enforcement staff consists of Tom Greco – Senior Code Enforcement Officer, Christylla Miles – Code Enforcement Officer and Nicole McKeon – Grant Funded Code Enforcement Officer (focusing on Low to Moderate Income areas).
Question: What does Code Enforcement do? Answer: (1) Improve the physical and economic well-being of the citizens of Duncanville through the fair, judicious and consistent enforcement of the community standards, established by the City Council in the form of City Ordinances.
(2) Educate the citizens as to their rights and responsibilities as a “good neighbor,” maintaining the health, beauty, and value of everyone’s property so ALL might enjoy the vitality of our community. (3) Work with the newly formed Duncanville Neighborhood Vitality Commission to facilitate the Council’s vision for our neighborhoods.
Question: How do we (Code Enforcement) do it?
Answer: By utilizing several principles (1) “Fair But Firm” (2) “Consistency Is Key” and (3) “Voluntary Compliance”
Fairness is defined as a state of being free from bias or injustice.
The notion is that while we all understand and have compassion with the individual circumstances impacting our daily lives in our City, we (Code Enforcement) still must uphold the ordinances in order to maintain the physical and economic well-being of ALL citizens.
By firmly upholding the standards, our citizens will find that they are free from capricious (unfair) enforcement and are treated the same fair, judicious, and courteous manner as their neighbor.
Consistency is defined as a steadfast adherence to the same principles.
The idea is that no matter who you deal with in the Code Enforcement Department, you case will be treated with consideration and professionalism, based on fact and not in emotion.
The standards are staff’s guides to enforcement and a future vision of our vibrant community, not on personal feelings of the moment.
Judiciousness is defined as having, exercising, or characterized by good or discriminating judgment.
The notion is that ultimately, Code Enforcement wishes for each and every citizen living in Duncanville to willingly choose to comply with the City ordinances. Through voluntary compliance, each customer feels a sense of community, rather than adversity, with City government.
Voluntary compliance is a matter of choice, and thereby judicious because it changes the issue of enforcement from confrontational and compulsive to educational and communicative.
The Duncanville Code Enforcement Program is committed to being a model for other cities to follow. The staff currently experiences 82.4% voluntary compliance, without taking enforcement action. Every citizen contact made and every enforcement action taken is an opportunity to improve our community, our citizens’ lives and the relationship between us and our government.

City of Duncanville Bike Demonstration Project

Here are some details about the upcoming bike demonstration project:
Where will it be located:
Hill City Drive from Lakeside Park to Red Bird Park both northbound and southbound

Why this location
Provides a link between two or more neighborhoods with parks
Utilizes an oversized street to provide a high comfort level for motorists and cyclists
Utilizes an area where shared bicycle lanes can be installed with minimal stress to cyclists
Provides a bike trail length of appropriate size (2.6 miles roundtrip)

Project installation and estimated costs
29 signs
8 lane markers
2,700 linear feet (lf) of lane markings
estimated cost to install: $18,000
estimated sign maintenance (every 10 years): $3,300
estimated lane marking maintenance (every 5 years): $7,000

Anticipated completion date
Mid April 2015

Next Steps
Immediate: Bike Safety education program, addition of bike racks
Near Future: Development of City wide bicycle plan, begin branching out from Hill City path to other neighborhoods, parks and places of interest.

03Feb2015 Duncanville City Council Actions II

The Duncanville City Council approved the acquisition and installation of an operating system for a water well and pump with Irrigators Supply, Inc. through the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative in the amount of $55,607.
Why I support this purchase:
Local Government Code Section 271.102 allows cities to participate in cooperative purchasing programs with other local governments, satisfying state law requiring competitive bids. During the FY 2015 budget development process, City Council allocated $60,000 from the newly created “Innovation Fund” toward the purchase and turnkey installation of a variable frequency drive control at the Waterview Park pump house. The water well and pumping system at Waterview Park was installed in 2008 to provide an alternative water source for the irrigation system at Harrington Park. The system saves the City approximately $90,000 annually to water the largest irrigated pump in Duncanville. The problem is that without a variable speed pump to slowly ramp up the pressure on the irrigation system, the high water pressure causes blow outs and damage, and forcing the irrigation crew to spend a large amount of time keeping the system intact and operating. An additional benefit is that the variable speed pump will prolong the life of the pump motors, saving the City money through longer lasting equipment.

More to come (Your Council has been busy)………