City Activities – Duncanville, Texas

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event — Duncanville will hold its 5th Annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event next Saturday, March 28, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., rain or shine. It will be located at the Softball Parking Lot of Duncanville High School on the west side of North Greenstone. All residents will need to enter from West Camp Wisdom Road, as there will be no through traffic at Middale Road and North Greenstone Lane. This event was advertised with the water bill and is currently advertised on the Duncanville website page.

Police Department – The Duncanville Police Department is currently conducting its 50th Citizens Police Academy (CPA) Class. The CPA began on February 10 and graduation is scheduled for Friday, May 1. Sixteen citizens are enrolled and will learn several different aspects of the Duncanville Police Department. The curriculum includes the history of the CPA, Texas Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, the Police Department’s hiring process, traffic stops, defensive tactics, mechanics of arrest, civil liability, building searches, property room, animal control, narcotics, and the tactical team.

Classes are held each Tuesday night from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. in the training room of the Duncanville Police Department. Graduates of the Citizens Police Academy are eligible to become “Citizens on Patrol” members after additional training. Former Duncanville Police Chief Michael Courville started the Citizens Police Academy in 1990.

Parks and Recreation – Planning is in progress for the upcoming Easter Egg Drop to be held on March 28 from 12:00p to 4:00p at Armstrong Park. 15,000 stuffed eggs and lots of fun activities are planned for the community.

Duncanville City Council Report 18Mar2015 (Part II)

During the March 18, 2015 meeting, City Council approved the procurement and installation of a restroom facility at Red Bird Park with CXT, Incorporated in the amount of $70,162.95.

Why I supported this initiative:
During the development of the current year budget, the City Council allocated $125,000 towards the purchase and installation of a restroom at Red Bird Park. The resources for this project came from the “Innovation Fund”, a fund created by the transfer of extra fund balance from the General Fund (tax resources the community provided in previous years). The goal of this spending is to enhance the community’s quality of life through enhancing the safety of city facilities and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of city services to you. The Park Board and City Council identified the need for a restroom at Red Bird Park based on the extensive usage of the playground and walking trail, along with numerous requests from citizens. Additionally, the City will construct an oversized sidewalk to the restroom, extend sewer and water services to the facility and ONCOR will provide electrical services. These additional expenditures are estimated at $25,000 (total project cost $95,162.95)

Savings from this project will be reallocated to the Hill City bike lane project connecting Red Bird Park to Lakeside Park.

Safety features will be installed to protect the park patrons and the City’s investment.

Duncanville City Council Report 18March2015 (Part I)

During the March 17, 2015 City Council meeting, Council approved a resolution awarding a bid of $643,079 to Muniz Construction for the water and wastewater improvements on Lodema Lane from Hill City Drive to North Duncanville Road. The City has a Capital Improvement Program for the purpose of identifying, planning and funding major improvements. Depending on the type of infrastructure (i.e., alleys, drainage, solid waste, water or sewer utilities), separate funding categories have been set up with separate revenue sources for each that are typically collected with the water bill.

Why I support this initiative
1. It helps to accomplish Goal 4 of the Current Year City Council Work Plan: Maximize City and Community resources to improve quality of life in a sustainable manner. This is an essential part of the Council vision of the future Duncanville having the best housing values in America.
2. This project was planned and included in the current year budget at $865,250

Here are the financial highlights of the City’s General Fund through January 2015. Please note that four months represents 33% of the fiscal year.

YTD Budget YTD Actual %Budget %Actual Variance
Revenues $8,876,980 $11,788,269 33.33% 44.26% 10.93%
Expenditures $8,834,242 $ 9,681,745 33.33% 36.53% (3.20%)

Explanation: General Fund revenue is better than expected at this point of the year. Expenditures are above expectations, due to the City’s financial assistance to EON Reality for the establishment of their North Texas training facility in the City.

Duncanville Police Department 2014 Annual Report on Racial Profiling

The Duncanville Police Department 2014 Racial Profiling Analysis was performed by the University of North Texas under the direction of Dr. Eric J. Fritsch. The analysis of material and data from the Duncanville Police Department reveals the following:
1. A comprehensive review of the Duncanville Police Department Regulations, specifically Section 5.41 outlining the Department’s policy concerning racial profiling, shows that the Duncanville Police Department is fully in compliance with Article 2.132 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.
2. A review of the information presented and supporting documentation reveals that the Duncanville Police Department is fully in compliance with Texas law on training and education regarding racial profiling.
3. Analysis of the data reveals that the Department is fully in compliance with applicable Texas law on the collection on racial profiling data.
4. The Duncanville Police Department is fully in compliance with applicable Texas law concerning the prohibition of racial profiling.

And Now, A Word from Our Sponsor……….

Seriously, neighbors I wanted to give you some insight on our business partners who we have selected (through a Request for Qualification process) to perform the analysis of the Duncanville Fieldhouse. The consultants are PROS consulting and Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture. In their own words…..

PROS Consulting, Inc. is very excited about the opportunity to work with the City on the development of a Fieldhouse Business Plan. PROS Consulting, established in 1995, is an established, full-service parks and recreation planning firm that focuses on services to government and not-for-profit agencies. PROS will deliver a Fieldhouse Business Plan that will:
(1) Build a shared vision for programming, space and operational needs of the current Duncanville Field House, as well as its capacity and amenities to carry out programming and services.
(2) Engage the Duncanville community, leadership and stakeholders through innovative public input means to provide direction for programs, activities and amenities, while also analyzing the market for additional recreational opportunities through a gap analysis.
(3) Provide guidance to avoid duplicating services and amenities within the market, as well as maximizing and leveraging taxpayers’ dollars.
(4) Explain the type, size, programs, costs, and user groups within the community to enhance program offerings at the Fieldhouse based on current and future needs.
(5) Provide recommendations on potential revenue sources for the development and operations of the Duncanville Fieldhouse.
We are pleased to have assembled a local, esteemed and award-winning team for this project, which includes the expertise of Barker, Rinker, Seacat and Architecture, a national leader in the strategic planning, master planning, programming and design of community facilities.

Why I support this initiative
This is an analysis that has been long overdue. It is critical to have a thorough, independent evaluation of what we have, what it is capable of, and how as we as a Council can set a framework for managing the Fieldhouse for success. The funding for this initiative is provided for by the Innovation Fund, an accumulated reserve of taxpayer dollars created through the inability of the previous Council. This “can do” Council embraces the challenge of maximizing the Fieldhouse and transforming it to be a vital cog in promoting Duncanville as The Basketball Capital of Texas.

The Duncanville Fieldhouse Study

The Duncanville Fieldhouse is an ongoing interest in the community. It’s existence has been wrapped in controversy from time to time. The Duncanville City Council has commissioned a study of the Fieldhouse, and I would like to brief you on what has been done so far.

(1) The City Council’s vision for Duncanville: To be the Basketball Capital of Texas
(2) What will be the role of the Fieldhouse in achieving this vision?
(3) Until now, the City has not completed a business plan or established realistic expectations for the Fieldhouse.

The creation of a business plan that is achievable and sets realistic expectations based on real data and thoughtful information centered around five key questions.

(1) What can the Fieldhouse achieve financially based on maximum capacity of the facility?
(2) What resources are required to achieve maximum capacity of the Fieldhouse including staffing, operations, and maintenance/replacement of assets?
(3) Are the answers to the first two questions different if managed in-house vs. private management (outsourced)?
(4) If privately managed, what is the City’s role to insure the Fieldhouse’s success of maximum capacity and protect the Duncanville brand as the Basketball Capital of Texas?
(5) What specific action items are required to execute the business plan with the goal of achieving maximum capacity of the Fieldhouse?

It is my personal goal as your Councilmember to transform the Fieldhouse and enhance its status as a destination in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I look at this study as an opportunity to provide a road map to accomplish this.

Stay tuned.

Duncanville City Council Actions

Recently, the Duncanville City Council approved the annual procurement of security guard services with Blue Shield Security Protection, Inc. with an annual expenditure amount of $65,500 for the Library and the Fieldhouse.

Why I support this initiative:
The Duncanville Public Library began utilizing armed and uniform security guard services in the spring of 2011. In November 2012, the Library expanded its security guard coverage by providing late evening and afternoon coverage during the week and weekends. Due to being over the authorized administrative threshold of $25,000 at the time, the City Council approved the annual procurement of security guard services at the Duncanville Fieldhouse at its March 19, 2013 meeting. Staff will manage the schedule to assure sufficient protection is available at all times. The annual expenditure amount of $65,500 is within the approved budget amount for this expenditure.

Additionally, the City Council approved a resolution for the application for and the receipt of a FY 2016 grant from the Texas Governor Criminal Office Division to fund the purchase and installation of a digital fingerprint live scan station for the Duncanville Police Department. This technology will replace the current method of relying on card and ink fingerprints when processing offenders into the holding facility.

Why I support this initiative
The Duncanville Police Department is the only law enforcement agency in Dallas County that does not have this technology. The equipment has a life expectancy of 10 years, and it will greatly improve efficiency, reduce the opportunities for errors and omissions and increase effectiveness in using fingerprint technology to identify and capture offenders.